Born and raised in a suburb of Paris, Charlotte has grown in a multi-cultural and artistic family.

So it was obvious that she soon became passionate about music and performing arts.

Dance, however, was not her main passion at the time. She wanted to become a singer and performer. She started taking modern jazz classes, vocal classes, lyrical classes when she was a teenager. She spent six years at a conservatory to learn how to read music and play musical instruments.


After high school dancing became a real passion to Charlotte.

At 22 after college, she started considering making dancing a professional goal. 

She had the chance to do Professional jobs for a french clothing brand and nightclubs in Paris while finishing her college studies.


After college, she trained at Broadway Dance Center in New York. Mentored by Shirlene Quigley, Brian Friedman and Candace Brown.

She's awarded scholarships for invitation-only intensives : The Hollywood Summer tour and The London Spring Tour 2017. She goes two weeks in LA for the Hollywood Summer Tour to train and gain experience.

At 23, Charlotte comes back to Paris. She teaches heels  and street jazz in the prestigious schools of Paris (Studio Harmonic, Centre de danse du Marais and Studio Massaro). She dances in music videos, choreographs for events and teaches at workshops.

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